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Last updated: 14 September 2020

The Government of Canada established the Immigrant Investor Program to promote economic development and employment in Canada by attracting people with capital, business acumen and/or solid managerial skills for business immigration to Canada.

*NOTE: This program was terminated on June 19, 2014. The information on this page reflects the program's final application cycle. The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is the only passive investment business immigration program accepting applications at this time. 

As an immigrant investor, you and your immediate family can obtain Canadian immigration (permanent resident) visas by investing CAD$800,000 for five years with the Government of Canada. Applicants to this program must intend to reside in any Canadian province or territory except Quebec. The investment is government guaranteed, assuring that your CAD$800,000 will be reimbursed in full at the end of five years. No interest is paid on your investment.

The table below summarizes the eligibility requirements for the Federal Immigrant Investor Program.

Intended destinationAnywhere in Canada, except Quebec.
Minimum net worthCAD $1.6 million, legally obtained.
Business and/or
Management Experience
Management and ownership of a qualifying business, as defined under the Regulations, OR Management of 5 employees in a business.
InvestmentCAD $800,000 for 5 years, Government guaranteed 0% interest. Financing is available from Canadian banks.*
MiscellaneousMedical examination and security background check

When making your investment under this program, you can choose one of two options:

  • Investment of CAD$800,000 of your own funds. In order to meet the investment requirement, you may choose to make a government-guaranteed investment of CAD$800,000 of your own funds with the government of Canada. These funds are then kept with the government for a period of five years, after which they are returned to you in full with 0% interest;


  • Payment of a financing fee. Instead of depositing CAD$800,000, you may choose to pay a one-time financing fee to a government-approved financial institution. This fee will not be returned to you. The financial institution will then invest CAD$800,000 with the government on your behalf.

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