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Last updated: 16 October 2020 is presenting a new look and feel. In doing so, we want you to know that we remain as committed as ever to helping you achieve your Canadian immigration goals.

Since launching in 1994, millions of online users across the world have come to expect a high quality of content and performance from Back then, Attorney David Cohen became one of the first lawyers in Canada to offer a full range of Canadian immigration services and consulting to prospective immigration applicants and foreign workers over the internet.

Over the years, has been the primary reference point for newcomers to Canada. Through the Canada Immigration Forum, hosted on, hundreds of thousands of members have discussed their Canadian immigration options and applications with other engaged users. Moreover,'s long-standing partnership with the Campbell Cohen Law Firm has allowed individuals and families to realize their goal of coming to Canada through the proper channels with the advice, support, and legal services of an immigration law firm that understands the concerns of each individual and acts as the client’s voice to immigration authorities throughout the process.

The revamped is the next step in the journey of helping you reach your goals. Our old website served a purpose, but we want to reach the next level. Read on to learn why we have made the changes we have made, where we have made them, and what comes next. And, as always, we want to hear from you. At the end of this page you may find an email address you may use to contact us with your feedback on the new — please let us know what you think. Together, let's continue to make this the best online resource for Canadian immigration.


A beautiful lake in the Rocky Mountains near Banff, Alberta, Canada


A beautiful lake in the Rocky Mountains near Banff, Alberta, Canada


The new


New Settle in Canada section

How to settle in Canada is something that each and every prospective newcomer to Canada will have to think about at some point. Where should I live? What is the health care system like in the various provinces? How much might I be taxed? How do I manage my finances? How do I obtain a driver's license? How can I ensure that my children integrate successfully and feel at home? These are just a few of the questions that come up time and again, but recongizes that each person, each family, and each community has different ambitions and expectations. We're here to help you settle in Canada.

Settlement in Canada

A family in Canada sitting down at the kitchen table for a meal


Our Study in Canada section has undergone a major overhaul

The number of international students in Canada is over 300,000, a figure that is constantly growing. With world-renowned universities and colleges, Canada is one of the most attractive countries in the world to continue your education. Our new Study in Canada section is all about allowing users to get the information that is relevant to their needs. We have streamlined our content into pages aimed at prospective students before they arrive in Canada, and options for students after they arrive in Canada, including work, further study, and permanent immigration.

Study in Canada


Five young students sitting at desks in a classroom or lecture hall, with a smiling female Asian student in the foreground


Connecting Canadian employers with international workers

Canada has responded to the needs of the Canadian labour market and given Canadian employers the tools they need to get the skilled workers they want, either on a permanent or temporary basis. As a result, the new provides more in-depth information for employers, principally in the new Employers section. Figuring out the best immigration pathway and knowing how to navigate the various processes allows employers and workers alike to take advantage of opportunities presented by the Canadian economy.

Employers in Canada


Handshake between two mean in suits, showing the hands, wrists, and cuffs


Strong emphasis on recruitment, jobs in Canada, and job seeking

Canada is a vast country with a diverse economy, and every region of the country has different economic needs and goals. When it comes to immigration policy, the government of Canada recognizes that newcomers with certain skills and work experience can benefit local and provincial economies. But it all starts with potential immigrants to Canada showcasing their value and expertise to potential employers. has extensive resources to assist potential and current immigrants to Canada in developing their careers in Canada.

Work in Canada


A diverse group of workers facing the camera at an oblique angle


A truly bilingual website

The official languages of Canada are English and French, and bilingualism is a hallmark of Canadian public life. While English is more predominant in most of Canada, certain regions — in particular the province of Quebec — contain communities, towns, and cities in which French is the main language. While has had both English and French versions for many years, our team has made a particular effort on the new website to ensure that concise and informative content is available in both official languages. Get to know Canada in your language of choice.

English home page

French home page


A bilingual road sign welcoming people to Canada


Access to an increased range of legal services

Through its partnership with the Campbell Cohen Law Firm, is able to offer you a full range of professional legal services. Canadian immigration is not always a straightforward process. Through our experience, we know that every case is unique, and many cases present obstacles that need to be overcome. Our new website has a section that is dedicated to helping you understand the legal services provided by Campbell Cohen, which now offers an increased range of services including citizenship cases, appeals, and admissibility to Canada.

Legal Services


Logo of the Campbell Cohen Canadian immigration law firm

More focus on Canada's provinces and territories

Canada contains 10 provinces and three territories, each of which has its own identity, history, culture, and economic needs. When you are looking to immigrate to Canada, you are not just thinking about the country at large; you are also wondering which province or territory you might call home and how you and your family might settle into life in that province or territory. makes it simple to find information pertaining to specific provinces and territories. Our revamped and constantly updated Provincial Nominee Program sub-section provides detailed information on these immigration options, while an overview of life in the provinces and territories can be found in the Settle section.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Ease Your Settlement In Canada

A map of Canada showing the provinces, territories, and provincial capital cities


Your concerns, our solutions

Having concerns about immigrating to Canada is entirely normal, but it can also be daunting. We believe that these legitimate concerns have potential solutions. Consequently, the principal objective of is to help you recognize that these solutions exist. Whether you are concerned about the immigration process, finding work in Canada, admissibility issues, settlement in Canada, or anything else — you may find the solution right here on

Concerns and solutions


A near-complete jigsaw of the flag of Canada


Easier navigation on all devices

Throughout the process of reviewing, updating and optimizing, we have paid particular attention to ensuring that user experience is smooth and enjoyable on all devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. You can now use the best online immigration resource on the move, with easy-to-navigate content available at your fingertips. New features include:

  • Responsive design is built for use across multiple devices, so whether you’re browsing on your phone, on a tablet, or on a laptop or desktop, the site will automatically react to the device being used and its screen coordinates.
  • Improved search functionality

    The search bar at the top of every page allows you to search for specific words and phrases, giving you instant access to the content you want.


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The latest and most relevant Canadian immigration news — always

The CanadaVisa team has always prided itself on publishing the latest Canadian immigration news, and we pledge to continue doing so on the new website. In addition, however, we have added 'Latest news' menus to our webpages and implemented a tagging system. Together, this allows users interested in particular section of the website to get news related specifically to that section. We will continue to find the best ways to get the latest Canadian immigration news to all our readers, no matter where they are or what device they are using.

Canada Immigration News RSS feed


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