Canadian Salary Range - S

Last updated: 2 September 2020

Each occupation and salary-range is accompanied by the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code which defines its duties, and education/training requirements.

As the NOC may group a broad range of occupations under any given title, a relatively wide range of salaries may be noted in certain cases.

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NOCOccupationCurrent Canadian Salaries
4152Social WorkersView salary averages
2173Software EngineersView salary averages
2115Soil ScientistsView salary averages
6241Sous-ChefsView salary averages
1121Specialists in Human ResourcesView salary averages
3141Speech-Language PathologistsView salary averages
2161StatisticiansView salary averages
2162Software Consultants - ERPView salary averages
2173Software EngineersView salary averages
2173Software DevelopersView salary averages
2162Systems AnalystView salary averages
2163Scientific ProgrammersView salary averages