Industrial Electricians (NOC 7242)

Last updated: 2 September 2020

If you are interested in working as an Industrial Electrician in Canada, you will be pleased to know that the job outlook for your occupation in Canada is extremely positive.

You can use this overview of the Canadian employment prospects in your field to start planning your immigration and settlement in Canada.

Why your employment prospects in Canada are excellent:

  • Most industrial electricians are employed in the construction and mining, oil and gas industries.
  • Employment in this field is neither seasonal nor very sensitive to overall economic conditions.
  • Increased use of robotics and other computerized control equipment creates more work for industrial electricians, as they are the ones who install and maintain the equipment. Technological change usually results in a greater demand for industrial electricians.

Some areas of Canada where your occupation is in demand:

While there is a shortage of Industrial Electricians across Canada, the following cities and provinces listed below have a particularly high demand for this occupation.

British Columbia:

  • Employment opportunities for industrial electricians are considered to be good across the province.
  • It is expected that more than half of jobs created will arise from new job growth.
  • Large construction and transportation projects in the Lower Mainland will continue to be a source of job growth for industrial electricians.
  • The increased use of automation in mills, mines, smelting, oil and gas operations and in construction will result in an increase in demand for industrial electricians who can install and maintain these new systems.
  • Projected new jobs (2010-2015) for electricians is estimated at 340, and new jobs created due to retirement over the same period is estimated at 320.

Northern British Columbia

  • Employment prospects for industrial electricians are good.
  • Some example of potential employers include: Canadian Forest Products, Carrier Lumber Ltd, Conway Electric, Dollar Saver Lumber LTD, Falls Mountain Coal, KTS Millwork Plus, Milltron Electric Inc, Peace River Coal Inc., Integrated Pole Ltd, Power Pro Industries Inc., and Tetra Ventures Ltd.


  • There is a shortage of industrial electricians in the province
  • With Alberta's strong economy, demand for industrial electricians will remain high, especially in the Oil and Gas and Construction Industries.

Calgary, Banff, Jasper, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

  • Employment prospects are good in these areas.
  • 38% of employers reported having hiring difficulties when looking for industrial electricians.
  • In addition, it is expected that many industrial electricians will leave their position due to retirement in the upcoming years, creating an even higher demand.

Lethbridge / Medicine Hat, Alberta

  • Employment prospects are good for industrial electricians in these areas.

Red Deer, Alberta

  • Employment prospects are good for industrial electricians in this local area.
  • Some examples of potential employers include: D.A. Electric Ltd., Design Group Staffing Inc., Johns Manville Canada and Pipe Wranglers Canada Inc.


  • Employment prospects for this occupation are good throughout the province.
  • In 2006, just under 50% of all industrial electricians in the province were at least 45 years of age. As many of these older workers retire, younger electricians will be required to fill their positions.
  • Most industrial electricians are employed in the construction and mining, oil and gas industries.


  • Employment prospects for industrial electricians from 2010 to 2014 are expected to be good.
  • Employment in Manitoba in 2010 is estimated at 680. As the current workforce ages, there is an increased need to find trained and qualified replacements.
  • The development of CentrePort, an inland port adjacent to the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport should expand that sector and create some additional employment for industrial electricians.

Northern Manitoba

  • Employment prospects for industrial electricians are good in this local area.
  • This occupation is significant to the mining, smelting, hydro, pulp and paper and major construction industries in the region.

Selkirk Area, Manitoba

  • Employment prospects are good in this local area.
  • There has been strong demand expressed by employers, industry associations, and government reports for skilled industrial electricians in Manitoba's rural areas, including the Selkirk region.

Southern Manitoba

  • Prospects are good in this area. Southern Manitoba has been experiencing a construction boom which has increased the demand for industrial electricians.
  • Industries employing the greatest number of industrial electricians are Manufacturing (33%), Construction (21%), Transportation and Warehousing (19%), Utilities (10%) and Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction (9%).


  • Employment opportunities are expected to be good over the next 3 years.
  • The increased use of automated manufacturing systems will generate additional opportunities for this occupation as they are in charge of installing and maintaining much of this equipment. Workers will need to keep abreast of the latest technology used in industrial processes.
  • Individuals with experience in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) will have better opportunities to secure employment.

New Brunswick:

Campbellton, Bathurst, Caraquet, Miramichi, New Brunswick

  • Employment prospects for this occupation are good in these local areas.
  • The majority of the total employment opportunities are coming from the creation of new jobs.
  • Industrial electricians work mostly in the paper manufacturing (20%), mining (except oil and gas) (18%), and construction (17%) industries.
  • The increasing use of computerized production technologies and control instruments, especially in the manufacturing industries, has created and will continue to create demand for this occupation.

Fredericton, Woodstock, Grand Falls, Edmundston, New Brunswick

  • Employments prospects are good in these areas.
  • This occupation is classified as "significant" because there is a large percentage of industrial electricians working within these areas and/or it is a strategically important occupation to the local labour market.

Moncton, Shediac, Sackville, Richibucto, New Brunswick

  • Employments prospects are considered to be good in these local areas.

Saint John, Sussex, St. Stephen, New Brunswick

  • Employments prospects are considered to be good in these local areas for industrial electricians.
  • Demand is greatest for industrial electricians with the specialized skills for maintaining computerized technologies.

Nova Scotia:

South Shore (Lunenburg & Queens Counties), Nova Scotia

  • Currently the chances of qualified Industrial Electricians finding employment are considered to be good in this local area.
  • The majority of industrial electricians work in the construction industry in this region.

Duties for Industrial Electricians

Industrial electricians install, maintain, test, troubleshoot and repair industrial electrical equipment and associated electrical and electronic controls. They are employed by electrical contractors and maintenance departments of factories, plants, mines, shipyards and other industrial establishments.

Description of Main Duties:

  • Read and interpret drawings, blueprints, schematics and electrical code specifications to determine layout of industrial electrical equipment installations
  • Install, examine, replace or repair electrical wiring, receptacles, switch boxes, conduits, feeders, fibre-optic and coaxial cable assemblies, lighting fixtures and other electrical components
  • Test electrical and electronic equipment and components for continuity, current, voltage and resistance
  • Maintain, repair, install and test switchgear, transformers, switchboard meters, regulators and reactors
  • Maintain, repair, test and install electrical motors, generators, alternators, industrial storage batteries and hydraulic and pneumatic electrical control systems
  • Troubleshoot, maintain and repair industrial, electrical and electronic control systems and other related devices
  • Conduct preventive maintenance programs and keep maintenance records
  • May install, maintain and calibrate industrial instrumentation and related devices.

Example job titles for Industrial Electricians:

  • apprentice industrial electrician
  • apprentice marine electrician
  • diesel electrician – railway
  • electric signal repairer – railway
  • electrical repairer, crane maintenance
  • electrical repairer, industrial
  • electrical repairer, machine shop
  • electrical technician – military
  • electrician – rail transport
  • electrician, industrial
  • electrician, plant maintenance
  • electrician, shipyard
  • industrial electrician
  • industrial electrician apprentice
  • industrial electrician lead hand
  • journeyman/woman industrial electrician
  • maintenance electrician – industrial
  • marine electrician
  • marine electrician – military
  • marine equipment electrician
  • marine wireman/woman
  • mill electrician
  • mine electrician
  • plant electrician
  • plant maintenance electrician
  • railway signal installer
  • railway signal maintainer
  • rig electrician
  • ship's electrician
  • ship's electrician – shipbuilding and repair
  • ship's electrician – water transport
  • shipyard electrician
  • signal maintainer, railway

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