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What does the Liberals Election 2021 win mean for Canadian immigration?

Mohanad Moetaz - 21 September, 2021

What does the Liberals Election 2021 win mean for Canadian immigration
What does the Liberals Election 2021 win mean for Canadian immigration

Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party has won the 2021 Canadian election for the third time in a row, according to Canadian news networks.

The Liberal Party is projected to form another minority government.

The final election results are still not announced because COVID-19-related reasons, such as longer waits at polling stations and many Canadians mailing in their votes.

A Canadian party would need at least 170 seats in the Canadian Parliament to form a majority government. The Canadian Parliament has a total of 338 seats.

A majority government means that the ruling party would be able to make legislative changes without the support of other parties.

A minority government, however, means that the ruling party would need to work with other parties.

The Liberal Party of Canada won a majority in the 2015 election, but were forced into a minority government after the 2019 election.

Last month, Trudeau called a snap election two years before the next scheduled election. This was an attempt to achieve a majority government.

Forecasts for the current election suggest that Liberals will win a minority government. The Conservative Party is expected to finish second. The Bloc Quebecois and the New Democratic Party (NDP) make up the rest of the top four parties.

The Liberal Party and the Conservative Party are the only two parties to ever govern Canada.

Both parties focused on issues such as climate change, affordable housing and post-pandemic economic recovery. In terms of immigration, both parties also promised to increase immigration, address the backlog in applications and improve credential recognition.

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What does this mean for Canadian immigration?

A minority government should have little effect on the Canadian immigration system. However, it may result in a few major policy changes.

Since 2019, the Liberals were able to implement their immigration agenda without significant opposition. This means that we should expect the same agenda to continue after this election.

This includes issues such as:

The party's platform promises to end citizenship fees, to support Francophone immigration in Quebec and across Canada.

They also promise to reduce processing times to under 12 months, thought is unclear how.

The Liberals also plan to expand pathways to permanent residence for temporary foreign workers and international graduates through the Express Entry system.

They also promise to work with employers across Canada to welcome 2,000 skilled refugees to fill positions in in-demand jobs. They also plan to welcome up to 40,000 Afghan refugees, as opposed to just 20,000.

The party also says it will establish a Trusted Employer stream that will make the application process easier for temporary foreign workers. They also promise to improve the Global Talent Stream with simpler permit renewals and continuing with the two-week processing standard. In addition, they plan to establish an employer hotline to let companies to attract and hire workers.

Trudeau is expected to announce his new cabinet within 1-2 months. Current immigration minister Marco Mendicino may remain in his role.

Each minister is assigned a mandate letter that contain key policy priorities. This includes the immigration minister.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is expected to announce the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan in the beginning of next year, detailing the number of immigrants that Canada plans to welcome over the next three years.

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